What Do You Need in A Cocktail Set?

Organizing a cocktail party should be a fun experience, but can also be a bit stressful. After all, you are planning to be some of your closest friends and family, but you also want to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and that you have everything needed on hand. When it comes to ensuring the drinks are on par, that is normally the responsibility of the host, and this can be a tall task even for aspiring mixologists. To help you make the most of the drinks you will be preparing we have listed some of the important tools and ingredients needed for your cocktail set. And don’t forget to have the phone number of your local after hours alcohol delivery service handy in case you are running low on a popular spirit.

Every good cocktail set should have:


There are several tools you need to ensure your cocktail preparation goes smoothly, including:

Jigger: A jigger is a measuring tool used for gauging the quantity of ingredients needed for preparing cocktails. It is an essential tool if you want to make the perfect cocktail.

Shaker: As the name suggests, it is used for mixing different drinks and ice to allow them to blend smoothly. The two popular types of shakers are Boston shaker (used in bars) and cobbler shaker (used at home).

Strainer: A strainer is a sieve-like object used for removing ice, pulps and fruits from a drink after mixing.

Bar Spoon: You can stir your cocktail to perfection with bar spoons and allow the constituents ingredients and drinks to mix properly.

Glasses: Glasses are also important whether you are serving a small crowd or entertaining the whole community. There are several varieties of glasses designed for serving different types of drinks.

Now that you have some of the essential tools required for your cocktail let’s take a look at what else is required


The type of spirits you have on hand will dictate the type of drinks you are able to make and serve. Without spirits, your cocktail isn’t a cocktail. The most popular spirits you need are vodka, rum, gin, tequila and whiskey.


Many cocktails entail a fruit wedge as a garnish or even a few slices integrated into the drink. These fruit slices are needed in a cocktail to add additional flavour and sweetness to the mixture. Ensure that you are using fresh fruits that are neither under ripe or overripe. You may also need a blender to blend some of these fruits.

Lemon Juice

Most of the ingredients in a cocktail have a sweet taste, and to balance the sweetness, you need to add something sour like lemon juice or citrus to the mixture. Having a bottle of freshly squeezed lemon juice or a bowl of lemon and lime wedges will come in handy.


One thing you do not want to do is run out of ice. Serve your drinks without ice is definitely a cocktail party foul. Ice helps in cooling down the drinks and balancing out some drinks, especially those poured “on the rocks”.

Preparing the perfect cocktail does not mean you need to have a fully stocked cocktail set, but it definitely helps. Having the necessary tools and ingredients at your disposal will go a long way in helping you to prepare the perfect cocktail that your guests will always remember. Don’t forget, if you run out of a popular spirit, reach out to your local after hours alcohol delivery service for a refill to keep the party going.

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