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5 Tips For Alcohol Delivery

Hosting any type of event or get together for a group of adult friends and family members requires a variety of adult beverages. From wine to spirits and the standard domestic and imported beer, the necessary alcohol should be made available in the appropriate portions to keep the party going without getting rowdy, unless that’s the theme of the event. The problem is getting the right type, amount, and quantity of alcohol, all in time for the event while also taking care of your other hosting duties. With an alcohol delivery service, these requirements are satisfied with no stress. But, before going out to get the alcohol for your party, here are some tips that will help you get the best from an after hours alcohol delivery service.

1. Never Have An Empty Bar

A party can easily dull out if your bar starts shrinking in quantity. People may feel like this is a hint that the party should start winding down and may stop mingling or enjoy the entertainment, especially if your guests aren’t very familiar with each other. With after hours alcohol delivery, you can keep your bar stocked for the entire duration of the evening.

2. Be Safe

Alcohol delivery saves you the stress and risk of going out while intoxicated, even slightly. You can avoid accidents and running into problems with law enforcement by simply staying home and having an alcohol delivery service cater to your beverage needs. It also saves you the time that would have been spent leaving your house or location with minimal supervision.

3. Browse The Entire Collection

By ordering for alcohol with a delivery service, you get to browse a broad online collection of available drinks. When you use an alcohol delivery service, you can select from any bar staple. You can mix up the drinks in your order and, since most of the websites don’t have a minimum order, you can cater to special requests by your guests. That way, you stay safe, save time, and amaze your guests with a broad variety of alcoholic beverages.

4. Look Out For Discounts

Most alcohol delivery services have special offers, discounts, and delivery bonuses for customers who order online. With a wide selection of beverages, you can choose what works best for your budget. Some alcohol delivery companies offer after hours delivery on orders that are completed directly on their website, so you get to enjoy the full home service experience at any time.

5. Do An Estimate

Before inputting and completing your order, be sure to do an estimate of the quantity of alcohol you will need for the event. You don’t want to order too little and have to place a second delivery order and if you order too much you will probably need to hold onto the excess booze as most alcohol delivery companies do not offer returns. It is best to place a single order for the maximum amount of alcohol you can buy at one time.

With an after hours alcohol delivery service, your event is sure to be a blast, that will not be ending prematurely. Keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol Delivery Company!

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How to Estimate How Much Alcohol You Need for A Party?

Hosting a party or even a small get together is always exciting, but comes with a lot of responsibility as well. There are several factors that you have to put into consideration to ensure your party guests are not only having a great time but are having a memorable experience. You have to balance everything out from setting up the location to organizing food, and drinks. Usually it’s a bit of a guessing game when it comes to the selection and quantity of alcohol required for your party, you don’t want to have a situation where guests don’t have enough to drink, but you also want to avoid having an excess, as this will run up costs.

To help you estimate the right amount of booze required for your gettogether, we have put together a few tips.

Number of Guests

As the designated party planner, you should know the rough estimate of the total number of people you expect at your party. The number of expected guests will determine whether you are buying more or less alcohol so that everyone gets something to drink.

Duration of Party

For a party that’s under 5 hours, you should roughly estimate about two cans of beer per individual and for wine and spirits you should estimate one bottle for every three guests. If your party will last over 5 hours, you can increase the estimates accordingly. This is just a rough calculation, as not every guest will be drinking the same beverage, but it gives you a good starting point.

Type of Party

The theme, purpose and location of the party will also determine the amount of alcohol you need for the party. If it’s a daytime celebration, like a baby shower, then you may want to go for the minimum estimate, but if it’s an evening party or a summer backyard barbeque, then you should expect more guests to be drinking and order on the higher side.

Age of Guests

The age bracket of guests that would make up the majority of the attendees at your party should also influence how much alcohol will be needed at your party. On average younger adults prefer will consume more beer and spirits, while middle-aged and older individuals may stick to wine and spirits. Depending on the crowd however, beer, wine, and spirits may be consumed in varying quantities. With an idea of the ages of your guests, and their preferred beverages, you will be able to get a better estimate of how much alcohol the party requires.

Variety of Alcohol

While the variety of alcohol you need is mostly dependent on the type of party and ages of guests, it should still be considered. Typically, you should have a good supply of wine and beer as they both are consumed easily, individual spirits should be the lowest quantity items as they are consumed at a slower pace, but also have the largest variety. For example, you can get away with just one or two brands of beer, red and or white wine, but with spirits you will need several varieties, the. Most popular being vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and tequila.

When it comes to getting alcohol for a party, there is no exact science as to what to purchase. You can plan your purchase based on the type of event, the amount of guests, the ages of the guests, length of the party, and the types of alcohol being purchased, but you can’t always account for the unknown variables. For example, if everyone partakes in several rounds of tequila shots, you can easily go through several bottles in an hour. The good thing is, you don’t need to plan for the unknown. If your guests are enjoying themselves and are especially taking to a specific type of drink that you are quickly running out of, you can always rely on a local after hours alcohol delivery service to top you up.

Drinkink is Toronto’s premier after hours alcohol delivery service. We help you and your guests have a memorable party by delivering your favourite alcohol right to your door. Check out our menu at or give us a call at 647-641-2374 to place an order.

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5 Liquor Essentials Every Party Host Needs

As the holiday season approaches, so does party season. This year, the parties may look a little different than they have in the past, but it doesn’t mean they will not be as exciting. Instead of hosting larger parties this holiday season, smaller get togethers with friends, colleagues, or family members will be the norm. The nights will still be full of good food, good conversations, good cocktails and fun times overall.

As the host it is your responsibility to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves and has a great collection of beverages to choose from. Even though we can help you prepare a memorable meal, we can help you stock your bar with top quality adult beverages.

Here are 5 liquor essentials that you should have on hand for any get together.

1. Canadian Club 100% Rye

This typical Canadian whisky is made of corn, rye and barley that are distilled and aged separately and then blended to perfection prior to bottling. Your guests will love the flavours of this Canadian rye, butterscotch and caramel come through first, followed by a slight vanilla and nutty flavours. Enjoy on its own, over ice, or as a mixer (our preference is with some Canada Dry Ginger ale).

2. El Jimador Tequila Reposado

El Jimador Tequila Reposado is made from 100% Blue Agave and aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of two months prior to bottling. The result is vibrant vanilla and caramel hints with a smooth mellow finish. A versatile tequila should always be stocked in any home bar, one that you can sip on, take a shot of or utilize in margaritas or palomas. El Jimador Reposado is this tequila, as the value surpasses the price tag.

3. Bombay Sapphire Gin

Gin is a staple of any home bar, and we suggest Bombay Sapphire. As a majority of gins see their botanicals steeped directly in the alcohol, Bombay uses their own specially crafted Carterhead still to their spirit when in a vapor state. The combination of the amazing botanicals delivers a well-balanced, smooth taste with an elegant light spicy finish that you will not soon forget. Most notably enjoyed as a mix with tonic water, add some lime juice for an added citrus punch. If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated mix, try the Queen’s Tea which combines Earl Grey Tea with gin.

4. Domestic and Imported Beer

Beer is a go to beverage for many party goers, it’s easy to grab with no fuss. Delight your guests with the option of a domestic favourite such as Molson Canadian and a top shelf import such as Heineken. Neither of these well-known beers need an introduction, have a couple 12 packs or even a case of 24 of each waiting in the fridge for your guests to arrive, and let them know to help themselves.

5. Fantini Montepulciano D’Abruzzo

The last but not least liquor essential for your party is Fantini Montepulciano D’Abruzzo red wine. This international Gold Medal and multi award red comes from one of Italy’s best wine producers. This is a ruby red with garnet reflections, the aroma is fruity and reminiscent of red fruits, cherries, and plums with vanilla nuances. Full-bodied on the palate, with a good balance and firm tannins, your guests will love sipping on this red while enjoying great conversation or as a delicious pairing with their meal.

As your night goes on, you may find yourself running out of one of these bar staples, don’t get down, with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company, Drinkink you can get your favourite liquor essentials delivered to you. Visit to order any of the above beverages or to browse through their inventory of available alcoholic beverages.

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How much alcohol is in my drink?

The amount of alcohol in your drink is determined by the concentration of alcohol in the product you choose and the size of your drink.

Drink strength. Drinks vary considerably in their alcohol concentration or strength. Different countries measure alcohol strength in different ways.

In most places, the concentration is measured as the percentage of pure alcohol in the product by its volume. This measure is called alcohol by volume, or ABV. In some countries, this percentage is also called “degrees” of alcohol.

In other countries, concentration is measured in a unit called “proof,” which is simply double the ABV. For example, a drink that is 40% alcohol by volume would be labeled “80 proof.”

Alcohol strength can also be measured by weight. The percentage of alcohol by weight is a bit less than the percentage of alcohol by volume because alcohol weighs less than water.

Serving size matters! Drink serving sizes differ widely by the local custom, occasion, glass size, and even depends on who does the pouring. Unless you are drinking from a pre-packaged bottle or can, or in a location where pouring size is regulated by law, you need to know your glass size and understand your pour.

So, how do I know how much alcohol is in my drink? To answer this question, you need to know both the ABV and the size of your drink.

Typically, beers are about 4 to 5% ABV, wines about 12 to 14% ABV, and distilled spirits about 40% ABV. But these figures may not be accurate for your drink. Different styles of drinks have very wide variation in alcohol content. To know how much alcohol is in your drink, start with learning the actual ABV. Often, the ABV is clearly marked on the package, is available on company websites, or you can ask your bartender or server.

Because of the differences in strength, lower ABV drinks are often served in larger sizes than higher ABV drinks. For example, servings of beer are sometimes bigger than servings of wine, and distilled spirits are served in even smaller sizes and often mixed with other liquids.

To calculate how much alcohol is in your drink, multiply the ABV by size of the drink, and the result is the volume of pure alcohol in your drink.

In some countries, there is an official “standard” size for drinks. This standard is often used to:

  • Allow servers in bars and restaurants to measure how much they are serving;
  • Allow customers to know what they are being served; and
  • Give advice to people on how much they are drinking and what the potential effects are likely to be on their health.

In many countries, 10g of ethanol is considered to be a drink or unit. However, in the United States, for instance, a standard drink contains 14g of ethanol, while a U.K. standard unit contains 8g of ethanol.