The best vodka mixers for stocking your home bar

Vodka is one of the staple drinks that every home bar must have. Even in times when you have to order after hours alcohol delivery for house parties, vodka is still a favoured choice. And one of the reasons why it’s so popular is its versatility. Vodka can be taken straight, but it can also be mixed with a lot of other types of drinks (soda, juices, and so much more) to create new flavors. So, if you are stocking up your home bar and vodka is on the shelf, you need to include the right mixers. To get you started, here are some of the best vodka mixers for stocking your home bar – in no particular order.

Cranberry Juice

While this combo may give you college flashbacks, it’s still a recipe match made in alcohol heaven. You can use the cranberry as a subtle accompaniment for the vodka, or pour in enough to completely mask the vodka. It’s a great combination and with a squeeze of lime, it can get extra zesty!

Soda Water

With soda water, you’re getting a mixer that doesn’t taste like anything but the combination with vodka brings it up a notch. And you can up the ante on the flavor with a dash of lime. This mixer is best for calm nights when you’re not trying to get too lit but you still want to enjoy a great cocktail. Side note, soda vodka is a great low calorie drink for those counting calories.

Energy Drink

The combination of caffeine and alcohol is the perfect pick-me-up to get ready for a night out. With an energy drink like Red Bull, the vodka’s relaxing elements are there but you’re still energetic enough to have fun! It’s also a great combo for house parties or a barbecue.


Mixing vodka and coke brings out a new taste to the soda. The combination tastes a bit like a cocktail and if you’re a fan of Long Island Ice Teas, this might be the perfect mixer for your home bar. It’s also a great drink option for house parties and can keep the buzz going all-night!

Tonic Water

Most people aren’t a fan of tonic water alone, but mixing it with vodka creates a new and flavorful identity. Vodka tonics are a great drink and can be the best option for quiet conversational nights. It is important to note that tonic water, despite its apparent medicinal bitterness, can be quite high in sugar so, check the label before you buy the bottle.

Vodka creates the tastiest blends with these mixers and if you have them at home, you’ll be ready to have a good time at any time! Keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company!

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