Discover Toronto’s Top 10 Late Night Drinks: A Local’s Guide

Hey Toronto, we know how much you love our local nightlife! And what’s a good party without the perfect drink in hand?! At Drink Ink, we’ve got you covered with a stellar selection of alcoholic beverages delivered straight to your doorstep, no matter the time. Curious about what your fellow Torontonians are sipping on after hours? Here’s the lowdown on the top 10 best-selling late-night drinks in our vibrant city.

1. Finlandia Vodka:

Smooth as silk and pure as the Finnish snow – that’s Finlandia Vodka for you. Whether you’re mixing it up in a cocktail or enjoying it neat, this one’s a crowd-pleaser. And hey, we’ve got various sizes to suit whatever your party needs!

2. Jameson Irish Whiskey:

Oh, Jameson, you never let us down! This Irish gem is as versatile as they come – perfect for sipping or shaking up in a cocktail. It’s no wonder it’s a Toronto favourite.

3. Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin:

Calling all gin aficionados! Bombay Sapphire is the way to go with its aromatic botanicals and crisp taste. It’s like a little bit of London right here in Toronto.

4. Crown Royal Rye Whiskey:

A true Canadian classic, Crown Royal has a rich flavour and a smooth finish that whiskey lovers just can’t get enough of. Trust us, this one’s a winner.

5. Canadian Club 100% Rye:

Spicy, fruity, and oh-so-Canadian – that’s Canadian Club 100% Rye for you. It’s a taste of Canada in every sip.

6. Bacardi White Rum:

From mojitos to piña coladas, Bacardi White Rum is your go-to for all things tropical and tasty. It’s like a mini vacation in a bottle!

7. Heineken Regular:

Refreshing and balanced, Heineken is a top pick for beer lovers in Toronto. It’s the perfect companion for those late-night chats and laughs.

8. Molson Canadian:

Crisp, clean, and proudly Canadian – Molson Canadian is a staple in our beer scene here in Toronto. Grab a cold one and you’re good to go!

9. Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco DOC:

Celebrating something special or just feeling bubbly? A glass of Prosecco is always a good idea. Cheers to the good times, Toronto!

10. Tito’s Handmade Vodka:

For our gluten-free friends, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is smooth, clean, and absolutely delightful. It’s a hit at any Toronto party.

There you have it, Toronto – the top 10 drinks that are making waves in our city’s nightlife. Whether you’re throwing a party, having a chill night, or just in need of a late-night drink, Drink Ink is here for you. Check out our full menu and let the good times roll!

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