5 Ways to Avoid Drinking and Driving in Ontario

Drinking and driving is a dangerous and serious offense in Ontario. The consequences of drinking and driving can result in accidents, injuries, fatalities and legal implications. If you plan on drinking alcohol during a night out make a game plan to ensure you do not get behind the wheel. In addition, if you are spending the night with friends, keep the party going without missing out using Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company!

Stay safe, be smart and plan ahead by reading below 5 ways you can avoid drinking and driving in Ontario.

Come With a Designated Driver

The first tip to avoid drinking and driving is to come with a designated driver to the party. If you plan on having a wild night out, coordinate with a friend to ensure you have a safe ride home. Your designated driver must be a person who is sober and responsible enough to get you home safely when you’re drunk.

Stay Within Your Limit

Another way to avoid drinking and driving is to know how much alcohol gets you intoxicated. Once you know your limit, avoid going above it if you plan on driving home. However, no matter your limit, it’s always best to not drink if you know you have to drive. Sometimes your limit can change depending on many different factors without you realizing it until you’re already intoxicated, at which point, it is not safe to drive.

Check Your Status

To avoid drinking and driving, use a breathalyzer to test your alcohol level. This will help you stay within your safe limit. This test should not be a competition between you and your friends about who can get the highest numbers. Only take the measurements to know your status.

Call a Taxi or Rideshare

Before you start drinking at a party, book a taxi or rideshare that will take you home. You can download a Rideshare app and complete your registration at any time. Making plans to get home before you are intoxicated can help to ensure your safety later on in the night.

Book After Hours Alcohol Delivery

If you want to test your discipline, try refraining from drinking until you get home from the party. Instead, book an after hours alcohol delivery to your home. This allows you to be more responsible when driving by postponing the drinking until later on in the night. After hours alcohol delivery is the best way to prevent making any bad decisions that can occur when drinking and driving.


It’s always best to plan out your ride home before a wild night of drinking to prevent getting behind the wheel drunk. Doing so can lead to grave consequences impacting the safety of yourself and others. As an alternative, consider after hours alcohol delivery to your home to avoid having to drive at all!

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