The Famous Negroni Cocktail Recipe

If you are planning a party, you may consider having the ingredients for a Negroni cocktail available to surprise and wow your guests. Negroni is one of the most popular Italian cocktails. This cocktail is appealing to many people because it is simple to make, as it has only a few ingredients. The main ingredients for making Negroni cocktails are gin, vermouth and campari.

The History of Negroni Cocktail

The inventor of this cocktail is Count Camillo Negroni. The birth of this cocktail took place in 1919 when he ordered a much stronger Americano cocktail with gin instead of soda from barista Casoni. Also, the lemon in the Americano cocktail was replaced with an orange.

The Negroni cocktail is sweet, bitter and earthy, providing different types of tastes altogether at the same time. It is not an experience you will forget in a hurry. Since that time, the Negroni cocktail has become very popular world wide.

The Key Ingredients for Making Negroni Cocktail

The major ingredients for making a Negroni cocktail include campari, vermouth and gin. Only one brand of Campari is available; as a result, it is compulsory to get it for making the famous Negroni cocktail. Campari is an Italian bitter herbal liqueur that has a hint of orange flavour and is a  main ingredient in Negroni.

Any brand of vermouth will suffice for making a Negroni and we suggest using a premium gin to create a Negroni cocktail for your guests. These ingredients are available from your local after hours alcohol delivery service, so if you begin to run low during your party, don’t fret. Delivery is just a call away.

How The Negroni Cocktail is Best Served

A Negroni can be served without ice in a cocktail glass or served over ice in an old-fashioned glass. You will undoubtedly like the two methods of serving as they slightly vary in taste.

The Correct Negroni Cocktail Mix

Keep in mind that the ingredients are Campari, gin and vermouth. The simple proportional mix for the Negroni cocktail is 1:1:1.

A Glass of Negroni

To make a Negroni cocktail, you need the following:

1 1/2 (3 cl) ounces of Campari

1 1/2 (3 cl) ounces of Gin

1 1/2 (3 cl) ounces of Vermouth

1 Slice of orange or orange peel for garnish

Ice cubes (optional)

Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass and stir for roughly 30 seconds, add ice cubes and let the drink sit for another 30 seconds. Pour into a cocktail glass or an old-fashioned glass. Remember to garnish it with a slice of orange or orange peel.

Make your next event memorable by preparing the famous Negroni cocktail for your guests and be sure to have the contact info for your local after hours alcohol delivery service available, as your guests are sure to ask for seconds and even thirds.

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