How To Plan And Host A Cocktail Party?

Are you searching for the best way to plan and host a cocktail party? Do you want to know how to make your cocktail party a success? Well look no further! In this article we will teach you what essentials you need to be party ready, from glassware to liquor to lots more!

  • Glassware

The first and most essential material you need for a cocktail party is glassware. However, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how many glasses you need. To plan this, consider what types of alcohol you are going to serve as well as how many guests will be present. For instance, if you plan on serving champagne you will need flute glasses, whereas if you plan on serving beer, highball glasses are recommended. In addition, you should always expect a few glasses to break or for guests to use more than one glass, therefore, you should always have extra glassware.

  • Alcohol

Besides providing adequate glassware, the next item that could be challenging to plan for is the amount of liquor you need. To overcome this challenge, choose a cocktail menu and decide the type of alcohol to serve your guests. This will allow you to book some signature drinks as early as possible.

To calculate the number of bottles you need to buy, multiply the number of guests you are expecting by two drinks per hour. So, if you are expecting 25 guests at a cocktail party that will last two hours, then you will need about 100 drinks (25 guests X 2 drinks X 2 hours). For instance, 100 drinks can include 40 beers, 35 glasses of wine (about 8 bottles), and 25 cocktails, depending on the type of cocktail you intend to serve. Meanwhile, you can also arrange for after hours alcohol delivery to cater to additional alcohol needs to satisfy your guests.

  • Essential Mixers

Although you may have mixed your cocktails already, it’s always a good idea to have some extra mixers on hand. This can include cola, club soda, tonic water, ginger beer, and lemonade to provide varying tastes for your guests. In addition, when picking essential mixers keep in mind what alcohol you are buying. For instance, if you plan on purchasing rum, be sure to have extra cola to go with it.

  • Ice

You also need to get the ice ready to chill your drinks. There are different types of ice you can provide from bagged ice, cubed ice, and moulded ice. Each type of ice has a different use, but they are essential to making a cocktail amazing.

  • After Hours Alcohol Delivery

You can never fully predict how a party will go or how lively your guests will be. You may run out of alcohol faster than planned. Given this, arrange with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company to supply alcohol and drinks later at night.


Follow the tips and tricks given above to ensure that your cocktail party is a huge success!

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