5 High-end Drinks To Have On Special Occasions

Drinking is a great activity to casually perform when you are with your friends or even by yourself. There are a variety of drinks to choose from and each of them have their own unique tastes and aromas. With that being said, there is an alcoholic beverage for everyone, regardless of how different everyone’s palette is. Because of the different kinds of drinks on the market, drinking is fit for any occasion, especially special ones. If you are planning to drink for your next gathering and such, but don’t know which ones to have, here are 5 high-end drinks that are best to have on special occasions.


First on the list is Casamigos, which is an amazing brand of tequila that the general public tends to enjoy during both casual and special occasions. People describe this drink as a hot, sweet, soft, and sugary, light to medium oil. This drink  contains some alcohol numbing, as well as spice, chocolate, and vanilla. Moreover, Casamigos tequila tastes a little like  cooked agave, oak, and pepper. For the finish, this brand’s drinks tend to be very sweet, with an artificially sweet aftertaste. People also tend to describe this tequila brand’s finish as creamy, with some pepper and spice and lasting heat.


On special occasions, it is great to have Patron. This brand is another high-end tequila drink that costs quite a bit, but is very worth its price. Their tequila tends to be a crowd-pleaser, so if you are ever stuck with what drink you should get, purchasing Patron from the after-hours alcohol delivery service is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. In their tequila, there are caramel, agave, honey, and white pepper notes. Patron tends to be spicy yet sweet at the same time, with earthy agave notes, vanilla undertones, and honey caramel sweetness. People tend to say that this brand has a nice linger, with a  peppery and spicy taste that is paired with honey and caramel richness.


Hennessy is a popular drink that you can easily find at any special occasion. This drink tends to be most people’s go-to choice as it is extremely good to drink straight. It has a flowery scent and a fruity flavour, and it is amber or golden in colour. Furthermore, on top of the fruity flavour, you will taste a slight presence of pleasant oakiness. You can pour it into a brandy snifter, which is a type of drinking glass and enjoy the texture as your hand warms this excellent brandy. It is also suitable for a lengthy drink that you do not finish right away.

Taittinger Champagne

The brand Taittinger Champagne is the first champagne on the list and it is well deserving of its spot. This high-end drink is perfect for special occasions and it is something you can’t go wrong with. On the palette, this drink, as many would describe it, is dry with high acidity. Furthermore, this champagne has a  medium alcohol and body, paired with a delicate mousse, medium+ flavour intensity, and a lingering finish. Taittinger champagne also commonly has pear, yellow apple, lemon, lime, yeast, toast, and almond tastes.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a high-end French wheat vodka. Its brand is synonymous with high-quality vodka, and the bottle may be found in bars and liquor stores all over the world. Citrus fruits, melon, and vanilla are among the naturally flavoured vodkas available, and their cherry and pear vodkas are among the best. Whatever flavour you choose, it will remind you of the pure, smooth taste of the original clear vodka.

Grey Goose has the flavour that everyone looks for in a good vodka. This brand provides drinks that are crisp, clean, and smooth. This brand’s drinks include a slight sweetness from the wheat and a light alcohol flavour. Grey Goose’s finish is crisp and smooth, missing the burn found in many of its competitors.

Drinking is perfect for special occasions, especially if you are celebrating with a number of people. If you are having trouble choosing a drink that would fit everyone’s tasting palette, some high-end drinks that you should consider include Casamigos, Patron, Hennessy, Taittinger Champagne and Grey Goose. You can’t go wrong with any of these drinks as they are all great in their own unique ways. If you want these drinks, but your local liquor store doesn’t have them or is closed, invest in the after hours alcohol delivery service today!

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