5 Essential Liquors and Mixers to Stock in Your Home Bar

Putting together an enticing home bar that can meet the requests of all of your friends and guests is an attractive idea. But, to accomplish this there are dozens of liquors and mixers needed to stock in your home bar or is there? Polling has shown to meet the beverage requirements of most individuals there are only 5 essential liquors and mixers you need to have on hand. Our experts have shared what these key beverages are that you should never ignore! This article shares the best insights on the top 5 liquors and mixers to have in your home bar. If you’re planning to set up the best home bar, let’s review what you need to have on hand.

1. Cointreau

Cointreau is the most essential liquor to keep stocked in your home bar. It comes in many varieties, including brandy and triple sec. The original triple sec Cointreau is clear, sweet, and strong. It is an excellent ingredient for cocktails due to its impressive orange flavor.

2. Campari

Campari is the key ingredient in the super-popular Negroni cocktail. But this beverage can be used for even more! The Italian-made Campari has a distinctive taste and can be served prior to meals. It’s an excellent drink in the right setting. However, it might be better to mix it in a cocktail recipe. For some people, it is a little too bitter.

3. Carbonated Mixers

If you’re setting up a home bar, a nice collection of carbonated mixers is a must. It would help if you considered having around tonic water, club soda, ginger beer, or ginger ale. These are popular mixers for cocktails and can help you serve the most popular cocktail recipes available in bars.

4. Aromatic Bitters

Bitters represent another key ingredient necessary in any bar. It is part of several popular cocktails including the classic Manhattan, Martini, Old Fashioned and Negroni. Not to mention some bartenders use it as their secret ingredient in a variety of other mixes. Aromatic bitters represent a must-have for any home bar since they offer a distinctive taste and flavor for your cocktails.

5. Grenadine

If you love Shirley Temples, you need grenadine in your bar. This pomegranate-flavored syrup can be added to Shirley Temples, Tequila Sunrises, and layered drinks, and the best part about it is that many beverage manufacturers distribute it.

The list above may not have been what you expected, as we didn’t list the standard bar rail drinks such as whiskey, vodka, gin and rum. The reason for this is that these drinks are considered a standard for any bar, but we are not just looking to create any home bar, but a great home bar. The list we shared above are the 5 essential liquors and mixers you should stock in your home bar to make it exception.

If you are hosting a party and find that you are missing a key beverage or do not have a particular drink a gest is request, there is no need to worry, contact your local after hours alcohol delivery service and you missing beverages will be delivered without worrying about if the liquor store is open and without anyone missing a moment of fun.

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