5 Different Types of Drinking Glasses

Most people reach for any available glass when pouring or mixing drinks, however, did you know that there are different styles of glasses for almost every type of alcoholic beverage? Different types of drinking glasses have been created for serving various types of liquor, cocktails, beer, and other adult beverages. These drinking glasses come in an array of shapes and styles.

Below we will take a look at 5 different types of drinking glasses.

Beer mug

A beer mug is undoubtedly one of the most common types of drinking glasses. As the name suggests, this drinking glass is used for serving beer. A typical beer mug can hold around 16 ounces of ale, but some beer mugs are designed to hold a lower or higher volume of beer.

It is often recommended that beer mugs be frosted prior to filling with beer, this can be achieved by placing the mug in a freezer prior to use.

Snifter glass

A snifter glass comes with an extremely short stem and has a globe like shape. Due to its shape, it can be easily cradled with the hand to warm up the drink found inside it. Also, this drinking glass has tapered edges that ensure that the smell of the drink goes directly into the nose of the drinker. A snifter glass also features a large bowl that makes it easy for you to swirl the drink. So, if you are ordering brandy, whisky, or other brown spirits from an after hours alcohol delivery company, make sure to have a few clean snifter glasses within reach.

Highball glass

When it comes to simplicity, the highball glass is the king of drinking glasses. Basically, this glass is straight-sided with an array of heights. Its shape is often wider and can be used for serving different drinks such as gin and tonic, mojito, and dark ‘n’ stormy.
In most cases, ice cubes are first placed inside the highball glass before pouring your drink of choice over them. Highball glasses are commonly available in most bars and restaurants around the world.

Cocktail glass

A cocktail glass is the perfect vessel for a metropolitan or a martinis. Infact, many people refer to cocktail glasses as martini glasses. A cocktail glass has an angled, inverted, triangular bowl shape with a long stem and wide base. The long stem of this glass is made to ensure that you don’t touch the bowl which could lead to the warming of your drink with your hands. This stem also gives it a stylish look when held.

Champagne flute

Last but not least, we have the champagne flute. It is a long tulip-shaped glass that preserves the bubbles of your sparkling wine. Furthermore, the shape of the flute glass prevents the wine from becoming flat too soon.

It should be noted that champagne flutes are usually used for serving different types of sparkling wine, sparkling cocktails and of course champagne.

Be prepared to wow your friends and family at your next party with a wide array of drink ware. Serving beer in a chilled mug and rum and coke in a highball glass and cognac in a snifter glass will surely impress your guests, and don’t forget to have the contact info for your local after hours alcohol delivery service close by, just incase you run out of the drink of choice for the night.

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