5 Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Drink Once

The cocktail scene is filled with all kinds of amazing drinks, but most fan favourites cocktails were made a long time ago. Classic cocktails have not failed to satisfy the general public through all of these years and over this time, they have evolved into even better tasting drinks with higher quality liquor and better mixes. Not only do these beverages taste amazing, but they are also easy to make with very few drinks unlike the other more modern ones. So, here are 5 classic and timeless cocktails that everyone should drink once.

Dry Martini

When it comes to “luxury” cocktails, many people immediately think of the martini. While numerous mixed beverages are called “martinis,” there is only one original martini, which is the dry martini. The dry gin martini is made entirely with gin and dry vermouth. It is frequently served with a touch of bitters and an olive or lemon twist garnish. It’s truly that easy and straightforward to make, yet it’s a genuine treat and a must-have on every cocktail connoisseur’s list, whether you are a beginner or experienced.


The Manhattan needs whiskey, just like the martini needs gin.  In this drink, you’ll go from dry to sweet vermouth, but whiskey is a complicated category of spirits. You must be selective with what you put into  the Manhattan because each whiskey you pour will produce a somewhat different drink. The Manhattan has been infused with a variety of whiskeys. Rye whiskey used to be the typical option, but it fell out of popularity for much of the twentieth century. For many years, Canadian whiskey and bourbon made their way into Manhattans, and today’s rye revival provides a flavour of the original.

Old Fashioned

A sugar cube steeped in bitters, a shot of whiskey, and an orange peel. That is really how easy it is to make an old-fashioned cocktail from scratch. This traditional drink has been offered since the mid-1800s and remains as popular now as it was then. There are other ways to modify this recipe as well. For instance, you can follow an original with basic technique and add one of the modern tweaks or you can adapt the beverage to your taste and add more complex mixes.


If you go through any number of historical bartending books or menus, you’ll see that sour cocktails were popular back in the day. These were simple concoctions that struck the ideal sweet-sour balance, making then a popular choice, even for today’s world. The sidecar is one of the most well-known sour cocktails. Some individuals choose whisky instead of brandy in this traditional drink, but either one will work. This beverage may have originated during World War I, and most consider it as a brandy margarita.


The margarita is well-known, and like the martini, it now comes in practically comes in every colour and taste conceivable. The basic recipe is significantly easier than many of its current versions, and does not require a blender like the modern ones. The classic margarita is served with a couple of ingredients like tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. It is recommended to  take a time to savour the original margarita if you truly want to appreciate tequila.

If you are looking for beverages that would not fail to satisfy your alcoholic needs, classic cocktails are the perfect option. Some of the classics include the dry martini, the manhattan, the old-fashioned, the sidecar and the margarita. All of these drinks have a wide range of amazing flavours and perfect mixes, while also being easy to make. If you are planning to make any of these drinks and are in need of their ingredients, try the new after hours alcohol delivery services today!

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